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Improving your Essay: 10 Vital Hints

As a writer, there is always room to improve. Especially in regards to writing essays, there are several simple and direct ways to make your essay better. If you are not so confident in your essay writing abilities, hopefully this list will help shed light and give potential advice on things that you can possibly do improve your essay.

  1. Keep it simple- The best essays are the most simple essays, believe it or not. There is a type of essay that is known in the writing world- it is called a 3.5 essay. A 3.5 essay is when you have 5 paragraphs that make 3 main points. The three main points are made in the body, which is sandwiched between the introduction and the conclusion. It is a great structure and very easy to remember, so keep it in mind for your next essay.
  2. Understand the assignment- When you have a clear idea what is expected (whether it is from the teacher or the audience) it is easier to focus on what the material should be. This way, the material will be clear and concise as well.
  3. Organize- Organize your essay beforehand by using a diagram or other note taking before you sit down to write. This will help guide you in the process and will prove to be a great reference.
  4. Find a theme- In order to break up information in your essay, find a common theme for your topic and expand upon it. You can separate subjects chronologically, conditionally, and so on.
  5. Prioritize- In addition to brainstorming and collecting your ideas, organize the level of importance of each point in the essay. This will help prioritize the topics in your essay.
  6. Draft your paragraphs- break up the editing process as well as write your first draft in one step. As you write each paragraph, take a look back and see how you can improve each sentence.
  7. Thesis- Write the thesis first. This will help your focus on what your essay will be about.
  8. Write the first paragraph and last paragraph first- when you do this, you will be able to keep the focus and fill in the blanks in between.
  9. Proof-read- do not forget this step! Have someone take a look at your essay after you finish your final draft. This will help the overall essay undoubtedly.
  10. Be interested- If you have a level of interest on the topic, you will convey that level of interest in the essay and hopefully engage readers in the process. To make sure you are interested, choose your topic wisely!