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Brainstorming Communication Research Paper Topics

Over the past several decades, the ways members of the human race have come to communicate with one another have become increasingly complicated, technological, and less face to face. Not only would writing a paper on communications be an excellent and intriguing topic, there are so many different topic ideas for you to write about. Because human communications have become so complex, it’s almost impossible to write about communications in general.

Here are just a limited few of the many possible ideas concerning communication:

Face-to-Face Communication

Yes, face-to-face communication still exists. Maybe a better idea would be to write a research paper about how face to face communication is slipping away in the face of new, advanced technology and social media. But through it all, face to face communication is still vitally important even in today’s world. Be able to communicate effectively face to face means you’ll probably get farther ahead in life. You’ll be able to get to know people more personally and build trust and relationships with individuals higher up the chain than you. You can better conduct and/or take part in meetings, make more new friends,

Social Media

Social Media has played a huge role in the changing of how we communicate with each other. Today when we want to be social, we hardly ever get groups of friends together to go out to eat or do an activity. Now we just go to our chat boxes on social media. You can focus on the downsides to social media, such as contributing to the decline in more face-to-face communication, but you can also talk about the numerous benefits: you can talk to a more diverse audience, you can share your experiences with the whole world, and helps you expand your perimeters whether you’re a small business looking for employees or one of the people out there looking for work. Not only can you use social media as an enjoyable pastime, you can use it as a tool to get ahead as well.


We’ve had the ability to talk to one another over the phone for a long time now. But phones have evolved from being what they once recently were. In essence, a smart phone is no longer a phone; it’s a handheld, pocket-sized device that contains all the information we need. With a phone, you can call, text, access social media, or use the internet, among a countless number of other things. For your research paper, you could talk about the evolution of phones and how they have transformed the way we communicate.