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10 Great Suggestions For University Level Research Paper Topics

When you are in a university, research papers are no stranger to you but one question forever haunts the students who write them. What should be the topic of this paper? This question often plagues students as they try to find a topic that is not too broad or narrow without being completely boring. Well for those struggling here are 10 suggestions to help you begin your paper.

Ten great topic suggestions

  1. Energy sources are always a good topic to research because the argument about wind solar and other energies is an ongoing argument with plenty of research that can be found. These arguments make it an easily researchable topic that is still relevant nowadays making it a little more interesting for the writer and reader.
  2. At one point in your life you have probably heard someone throw around the term ADHD in reference to you, most kids have heard this term growing up. The ever rising problem of ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) being diagnosed in almost every child, is it an excuse for poor parenting or is there an uprising issue in children?
  3. In society nowadays almost everyone has been diagnosed with some type of anxiety which leaves a question, are people saying what they need to to be diagnosed to fit a “norm” or is there a rising stress issue in people growing up in today’s society? Psychologists are still doing testing on this idea making it easy to find research done so the topic could be easily written and applies to society today.
  4. Marijuana and its possible legalization is an ongoing topic that could be easily researched on both sides of the arguments. Scientists are continually researching the effects of Marijuana leaving plenty of findings to use as research.
  5. A genetically modified organism is advancement in the biotechnology area of science that is viewed widely as a bad thing by the public. There is plenty of research on the making of these organisms and the effects the specially made organisms can creative in humans and animals alike. This abundance of information makes this a great topic to write.
  6. The idea of having smart phones and tablets making us more antisocial is an easily researchable idea. Many scientists and psychologists have been researching this theory in recent years making information on this idea easily findable. This topic relates back to technology and society making it good for technology classes and social issues classes.
  7. Rising college tuition is a prevalent issue in society, because it is not just affecting the students wishing to go to college but also their direct families and the colleges themselves. This can be researched easily and argued on either side making it an easily argued topic.
  8. With the tensions rising in the Middle East one topic is being addressed that is a little controversial, the topic of nuclear warfare. Politicians all over are deciding if and when they can be used and the pros and cons of the ideas are easily researched and argued.
  9. Terrorism is affecting every country making it easy to find research on the different ways and aftereffects. An essay on how this is affecting countries could be easily researched and talked about.
  10. Animal rights is an easily researched topic, it is something that has influenced countless laws and court cases. This impact in court has left a trail of research making it a topic to easily talk about.

These topics can be easily researched and talked about making the job of writing your paper easier and half the work.