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How to compose a strong conclusion to a research paper

  1. The conclusion of a research paper
  2. The conclusion is undeniably the most critical part of your research paper. If you put loads of hard work in composing your paper and fail to create a strong conclusion, all your efforts will be in vain. This indeed, is true. Writing a term paper requires more than just stating down your opinion on a particular subject. It requires you to stay up at nights and take notes. Include data and facts from authenticated sources to act as the supporting material for your major arguments. You have to maintain the flow of the paper and use the right tone. Ninety percent of your paper is complete before the conclusion, but it is the last 10% that adds value to your paper. You cannot win over your readers if the conclusion of your paper is not strong. You need to make sure you talk about that subject which you know well. This will make writing the conclusion easier.

  3. Features of a good conclusion
  4. If you are to submit your research paper and everything is ready, but the conclusion then you are nearly there. Do not get over confident or take the conclusion for granted. This needs to be bold and well thought out.

    Here are a few important features of a conclusion

  5. There should be no repetition
  6. The last thing you would want to do with your conclusion is repeat the same idea in different words. You have a few sentences to extract down your paper. Make sure you make good use of them. Do not talk about unnecessary details and irrelevant background. Include what is important.

  7. It must summarize your paper
  8. This should be a complete summary of the entire research paper. You cannot miss any important point that you mentioned in the body of your research paper. It should be able to encompass everything about the paper.

  9. No new ideas are entertained in the conclusion
  10. Make sure you only talk about those ideas that you already discussed in the paper. There is no space for new ideas and theories in the conclusion paragraph. This will only confuse your reader

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