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A Research Paper on the Net Can Be Poorly Written

There are many alternative options to writing an essay on a topic given to you to research on. Today, there are many online services that provide writing for whatever topic one desires. A random search on the web will reveal many websites that claim to sell written content or research papers. This is one of the advantages of the internet, but can also have a downside. That anyone can put a website on the internet and sell content is enough warning to any prospective buyers of readymade content on the internet. Some of the papers purchased are below acceptable standards. Here are the top five issues raised by other customers or that might encounter.

  1. The paper purchased might not follow the exact same instructions required. Sometimes the person contracted to write the paper does not understand the topic or only gets it halfway right. This means that some sections of the paper will be poorly written or wander into unrelated topics or subheadings. An example is when the user wants an unbiased paper on, say, capital punishment. The writer can claim to have written an unbiased one but some aspects of bias might pop up. Papers like this do not serve their purpose.
  2. Some writing companies that offer these papers on various topics do not care about reputation or customer quality much, only about the money.
  3. Some companies prey on unsuspecting customers or newcomers who do not yet fully understand how the market works. The take advantage of their naiveté and swindle them under the guise of providing quality papers.
  4. Some companies utilize cheap labor, exploiting writers from countries that do not expect much pay. Most of these countries are those that are still developing, and the writers normally do not have English as their first language. Their rush to look for cheap writing leads to them accepting substandard writers who produce below par papers.
  5. Purchasing a readymade paper is different from using a writing company. Here, the writer gives instructions to a company and they pass it n to the writer. The writer has an open communication channel with the client so they can consult. This communication means they understand each other’s needs hence there are minimal errors. Purchasing a readymade one does not allow some of these things.

Not every writing service provider on the internet is trustworthy and can produce the desired quality. Writers should choose whom they deal with very carefully