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A Great Algorithm That Helped Me Find My Essay Writer

Finding good paper writers has become almost synonymous with finding a needle in a haystack these days. With the rise of the internet, a steady influx of non-native freelance writers has really clogged up the online space. It’s not that all of these writers have poor research and writing skills, but now it has turned to a more daunting job for the college and university students to find the really good writers. Here’s a great algorithm that actually helped me find my essay writer. Check out to see if it works for you.

Timely delivery is the most important factor

The main issue with non-native writers is that they tend to disappear without any reason whatsoever and might just come with weird excuses (I hired a writer who disappeared and came back only to say that he had two-week long power cut back at his hometown!). Therefore, choosing an agency or writer that has at least some sense of professional responsibility is a wise thing.

Do they provide with plagiarism reports?

There are many shoddy agencies that refuse to provide plagiarism reports with the papers they supply. This is absolutely unacceptable. If you are buying a paper from some agency, you have every right to ask for an additional plagiarism report from them. This is because your university may just reject your paper on the grounds of plagiarism. There are university-grade plagiarism checkers that are widely used by good cheap essay writing agencies worldwide.

Can they keep it confidential?

There are academic writing and editing agencies that will be more than happy to sign with you non-disclosure agreements. These agreements are indeed great as your college or university will never know from where you got the paper written. On the other hand, there are writing service providers that use academic papers written for past clients as samples and that too without taking their consent. Unauthorized sharing may lead to many unwelcome consequences, principally for you.

Do they offer a complete moneyback guarantee?

Reputable agencies won’t be afraid to offer you a moneyback guarantee as they know how to stand behind their work. Shoddy agencies, on the other hand, will try to tiptoe around any such agreement. Carefully check the refund policies of writing and editing agency before you finally decide to hire them.

You can also ask your friends and off-campus colleagues to know any good writer or agency they might be familiar with. You can also check this website to know more about the services of professional writers.