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Analyzing some well-written essays

One of the most effective ways to help build writing skills is through analysis of someone else’s writing. This is why so many professors and other instructors require group and partner evaluations and proofing – it not only helps the writer of the piece being reviewed, but also the reviewer. Seeing different writing styles, and different methods for tackling a subject is very helpful.

But what if you aren’t paired with a colleague for review? What if you don’t have access to some else’s writing?

Analyzing Essays

In the internet age, it is really easy to find essays for review on just about any subject. To find well written essays for review, consider the following options:

Analyzing quality essays is all a matter of finding the right resource for those available for review. And, of course, not falling into the trap of reviewing essays that are done incorrectly or incompletely. As an added measure of safety, consider running those you are using by your instructor.


As you analyze, make notes of where you find issues and what you might change if you had written he piece. What suggestions would you make? How would you approach it differently? And, what did you find impressive? Can you include something similar the next time you write an essay?

The analysis of writing samples is an important part of building your own skills as a writer. With many different styles and types of writing out there, you can never do too much reviewing of the work of other people – as it will help you constantly evolve as a writer yourself.