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Writing a Business Research Paper

The business research paper is a completely different type of research paper. Most students are not aware of the formation, or information that needs to be placed within it.  The purpose of a business research paper is to develop new ideas that will help a business or corporation move forward. The purpose of the paper must be addressed throughout the paper. Though there is only one purpose for a business research paper it is dual in its nature. The first part of the paper is designed to allow the writer to state different objectives and highlight the importance of different perspectives. The second part is to establish a relationship between the reader and the writer, which allows the reader to take an interest in the proposition laid out.

Format of a Business Research Paper

The introduction of the paper acts as a thesis and allows the reader to grasp the understanding of the subject. It also gives the reader a small insight on the plan of action being supported by the writer. The introduction should be strong in voice and raise questions within the mind of the reader. A good introduction will remain on point throughout the first paragraph and transition smoothly.

The next part is the Literature Review portion of the paper. The Literature Review points out the importance of the question and may rephrase it for clarification. The review also takes a look a previous attempts to solve the problem, with the purpose of finding a solution to it. This section shows a reader that the writer is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. This further promotes faith and trust within the reader.

The next section is the procedure part that is responsible for telling the reader about the data as well as analysis of the findings. This will allow the writer to further support the facts and figures of their findings. This is the part of the paper where the writer must justify their beliefs and use evidence to back them up.

The discussion and conclusion are the final two parts of a business paper. These two parts summarize the research done as well as gives the reader some tidbits of valuable information. The conclusion provides an overview of the topic and gives the reader one last look at it, before ending the paper. A good business paper will make use of facts, figures as well as literature to back up its findings and beliefs.