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Can there be One God?

The concept of one God manifested and upheld in diverse cultures of the world remarkably attracts a lot of attention. People’s cultures have changed with changing times; this includes the way people relate with each other but the presence of a Supreme Being has survived all through. Historical records show of retention of strong belief of One God across various religious teachings through theology.

This concept of one God is clearly explained in the Holy Qur’an, ‘Say: He is Allah, The One and Only’. Monotheism, which is the belief in one God, is the most fundamental concept in Islam. According to the teachings, God cannot take a human form the reason why the Holy Qur’an speaks against anthropomorphism. These teachings, which dates back centuries and up to date, are fervently adhered to shows the presence of a supreme authority none like what humanity has ever achieved as strong empires have been built which came to pass.

Christianity likewise, Isaiah 45:18, emphasizes the notion that there is only one God who created all things and towards the end states that ‘I am the Lord; and there is none else.’ This clearly depicts Christianity as a monotheistic religion proving that they actually believe in one God. These two religions share a history and have a heritage in the belief. The Bible believed to be sacred, inspired Word of God, and passed down hundreds of years where God communicates about the destiny of humankind. Unlike other works of men, this too has stood the test of time as up to this moment Christians believe there is One God.

In the African concept, many factors have to be broken down as to what constitutes religion. The structure of African religion just like the other religions there is grace and there is God as a Supreme Being. African Traditional Religions developed over thousands of years and passed down from generation to the next and despite numerous differences had one commonality. In each one of this religions based on ethnic backgrounds, they recognized God as the Creator of all things that do exist, and has no equal a belief shared with other religions. Although some communities never had a specific name, they believed in the Supreme Being and acknowledged His might.

Cultural variations convey differences in the way different people will manifest their belief in One God. All religions vouch for ethical behavior and outstanding morals where failure to follow suit there is chastisement.