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The process of writing an expository essay - How to choose your sources?

Expository essay writing and sources for it may depend on what you choose to write about. You also need to determine which method you use to help you explain your main idea or thesis statement. Students may think that you won’t have sources for this type of assignment since you are working to explain or define an idea or main point. But, sometimes doing some light research may help you recognize elements to include and how to include them.

Brainstorming for Ideas

Depending on your topic you may need to brainstorm and think about sources that would be suitable for the content you need to produce. At the same time you want your source ideas to be reliable and something you can trust. If you are writing about a person and their career, you may need to select books that detail how one would go through the process in order to obtain that title or position. Typical ideas may include text books, academic journals, magazines, and government websites. Newspapers and other article content can also service as sufficient sources when provided by a reputable company.

Taking Notes When Conducting Research

Depending on your topic you may be taking notes based on personal memory, having a discussion with someone, or content you read from a book. Having good sources to conduct research is important, but the notes you take can be just as significant. Depending on your topic you should have an idea on the type of research you need to complete. Meaning, you should know what information you need that will help you explain or define the main purpose of the article. The notes you take should be related to main points that help provide evidence in actually providing a detailed explanation.

Other Sources to Consider

When you have the option of selecting your topic it can be practically anything you want that has interest. Something you feel comfortable talking about or something you want people to know about. So, be creative with your sources while making sure they are reliable. You can talk to someone who was there if your topic is an event. Or, visit the place in which the main idea for your topic occurred. If you are explaining something that you witnessed it may help to revisit the area to refresh your memory.