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Great Suggestions On How To Create An Outline For A Research Paper

It is the destiny of a graduate and postgraduate student to write a research paper. There have been so many research papers written over the years that the system has almost taken a repetitive attitude. However, the pattern is necessary to bring the essential points of the paper to the surface.

The standard order

The research paper has a basic premise; it moves in the following order – Title Page, Introduction, Abstract, Methodology, Conclusion and Glossary. Each page has its distinct nature and mode of description which should not be tampered with. Where you can experiment is in the methodology itself.

A thorough outline

You must create a thorough outline for your paper so that you are in perfect position to offer a verbal presentation as well. The methodology has to be sequential and calibrate essential points in the emergence of your perspective. Of course, there would be emphatic points in the research paper which you should stress upon. These will also be the main ingredients of the slides you create for presentation.

Getting readers into the flow

The Abstract and Introduction should place the reader with what the research paper is all about. The definition has to be concise though and accurate. There should be enough curiosity built in the readers who ought to feel pressed to read the methodology.

The methodology

The methodology is all about the survey and sampling you do in order to come to your perspective. It should specify your views as you progress. In the end, your opinions should come across as inarguable and should be backed by such logics that it naturally takes the form of an authority.

An emphatic conclusion

While the conclusion cannot ideally mention something which you have not discussed previously, it should summarize the whole work and give it a specific progressive direction. You should venture to offer solutions, typically if the topic is relevant to present times. Evaluate what is wrong with the current system and what needs to be done to turn the tide.

Citation is important

While the formatting and clinging to basics is essential, it is doubly essential to cite the resources you have taken help from. You should also acknowledge the gentlemen who have inspired or helped you in your research paper.

The outlines should be clear and lucid so that your paper looks a piece of gravity. The whole assessment should be streamlined so that readers know what to take from it.