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Where to Look for Help Writing a Paper Due in 3 Hours

Wow, good luck! While there are certainly many writers and providers capable of doing what you need you don’t have a lot of time to find them. Take a few minutes to read these tips to have the best chance of succeeding in your search.

The Paper’s Due in 3 Hours… Where Do I Start My Search?

Hop on your favorite search engine. Perform a search for “fastest essay writing services” and add your specific topic or field of study to the end of that. You will get a list of many different companies that claim to provide these services. It’s what you do next that will determine if you get your paper in time or not.

Follow these steps:

  1. If it’s late at night in your current time zone, find a company based in a foreign country. It will be the middle of the day where they’re located and they can start right away.
  2. Perform a quick search on the company’s name. Eliminate any that have many bad reviews or all perfect reviews. They’re nothing but trouble.
  3. Go to the provider’s website and find their order page. Choose the express writing service they provide.
  4. Submit all of the information relevant to your project so the writer can get to it immediately. If you don’t, they’ll still deliver in three hours, but you might not like what you get.

A Common Pitfall – Rehashed and Recycled Papers

One of the biggest problems with finding a writer to provide an essay in such short notice is the chance of receiving a paper that was completed in the past. Many companies keep a database of everything they’ve ever written. If you request a paper that matches what they have done in the past they might just send that to you instead of completing a custom essay.

If the paper has ever been handed in at any university it’s going to show up on the plagiarism checking database. You can be sure you’ll get caught.

You can’t be sure if your paper is original or not until you receive it. Pay special attention to the reviews and look for customers claiming they received plagiarized works. You don’t want to work with those companies.

When you do get your paper copy and paste a few sentences into your search engine between quotation marks. If nothing shows up it’s probably original. When you get that passing grade you can go back to breathing easy.