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Soccer - Essay Sample

Soccer, otherwise known as football is the world’s most popular sport. Soccer is a national sport of almost every country in the world except for a few like America, Australia and South Asia where baseball, rugby and cricket respective are popular. Soccer might have begun in China at around 3000 B.C during the reign of Emperor Huang-Ti. Huang-Ti is the main icon behind the invention of this game, which he called tsu chu, a Chinese work for Kick a ball of leather. Orejan reports that the Chinese players who took part in this game took turns in kicking round ball targeted at a 30-foot- high post or through a hole in a silk curtain.

Tsu chu was particularly exclusive for military who used it as part of training. Similar game but under different names were evident in Japan, Russia, Greece and England. The presence of indisputable facts concerning the origin and existence of football in various societies makes it difficult for any individual to validate the exact country where football originated. However, certainty that the modern day soccer started to develop in England in 1815. This was when many Universities, Schools and Colleges engaged in this form of play but with very divergent and sometimes clashing rules. Some teams preferred plays guided by the current rugby rules as others preferred the current soccer rules.

To spearhead the formation of common soccer rules, two popular teams from Eton College and English School came together to create the Cambridge Rules. These rules prohibited shin kicking, tripping and carrying of ball, which remained for rugby. In 1863, eleven English schools who were also engaging in football met at Tavern, Freemason to constitute common rules to guide the game. This meeting deliberated on common rules that led to the creation of Football Association.

In 1869, the members of Football Association agreed to laws that strictly prohibited any form of ball handling. This is the moment that defined the true football that later spread to other parts of the world through the movement of British sailors, soldiers and traders who introduced the game in every of their destination. As game spread across continents, football associations in Britain met to form the International Football Association Board (IFAB) purposed to structure neutral laws to govern football. The year 1904 saw the creation of FIFA that would later organize major world tournaments and formulate football rules.