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Human Resource Management in the 21st Century: Challenges for the Future

Human Resources Management in every firm is the toughest duty of a manager as humans are contradicts with their attitudes, aspirations, assumptions, and psychology. Success of the firm depends on the capabilities of its members. An organization faces most challenges, frustrations, and opportunities which are directly related to the people.

In the present antagonistic world, the staff in managerial level require ample of strategic and conceptual skills. HR managers must have specific competence to preclude developments in technology and make their subordinate staff suitable for the changes in technology that likely to take place. This task can be successful only when the Human Resources Management is fully capable to deal with them. HR managers are protector and counselor of the employees and directly authoritative for potency of the firm.

HR managers are expected to contribute harmony in the work place; this promotes more provocative work atmosphere. Such firms are much targeted by both the job seekers and hunters in their new job searches. Professionalism with integrity and capability make the job holders of human resources to flourish in the challenging environment. Empowerment of employees in an organization enables to make decisions by their own and strive in the managerial decision making as well.

The process of empowerment of employees include requisite training relevant to their job, sharing of common goals and vision with the management, real commitment to achieve the goals, sharing of profits and benefits between the employees and management, and management’s trust on the employees at lower level. Reshaping of Human Resources changes the entire performance of a firm. HR need to focus on acquisition of skills on international qualities of economic, political, and social development. The collaboration between the universities, the public sector, and public training institutions is required to be promoted by the HR to conduct various effective training programs on planning.

In this modern world, every organization carries out the business in various countries. Such multinational companies adopt different strategies to contest in the global market through the people. In this diversity of human resources management, business firms adopt the practices and policies according to the environment and culture. The ecological and ethical challenges, political and economic instabilities, and globalization are other issues which also faced by today business firms.

The 21st century depends on the human resources to face the challenges of industrialization and globalization of business. Despite of having the capital and technology by the firms, the upcoming challenges could be met out through the Human Resources only by the way of motivation and encouragement.