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Essay writing tips: being interesting

A reader wants to be engaged. They want to be captivated. A boring piece of writing will end up being put down or thrown away. You need to be interesting, capture the attention of the reader and bring them along through your writing to the conclusion. You have a point of view or argument you wish to make. Unless the reader finishes your writing, no one will ever know what that is, so make them continue to want to read.


There is nothing more off putting than a confusing essay. If you jump from point to point with no connection or transition, you will most certainly lose your reader. You need to structure your outline, and subsequently your essay, is a coherent straightforward, cognizant manner to encourage the reader to continue reading. There must be an obvious introduction, body, and conclusion. The body of your essay must be organized in such a fashion that it is easily discernible when one point ends and another begins. This enables you to establish a flow which is easier for the reader to grasp and comprehend.

The writing

It may be obvious but what is written is paramount to making your essay interesting. You must create an introduction that grabs your reader and hold their attention throughout the entire draft. The topic you choose must be one that attracts attention. The facts and statements you make in the body of the essay must be relevant, pertinent, and informative that can teach the reader or expands his/her knowledge. Your conclusions must be supported with evidence and be thought provoking. This will intrigue the reader and raise questions or impart new wisdom which the reader may not have been expecting. In the end, the reader will want to see more of your work, or at the very least begin further discussions of your essay and lead others to read it.

Proofread and edit

The flow of your essay will be greatly enhanced if the reader is not distracted by grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. You expend a lot of energy crafting an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention, only to lose them in the body of the essay due to poor grammar and misspelled words. In addition, if your essay does not flow properly, something that a simple proofread will identify, the reader will become disjointed and annoyed. This will lead to the essay being placed aside never to be finished. A sloppy essay can be saved with careful editing.