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A Title Page Sample In The APA Research Paper Format

The APA format is often used in academic writing so a familiarity with it should be developed as quickly as possible. The first part of your paper will be its title page. This can either prejudice the reader against you if done poorly, or attract keen interest if it adheres to the rules of the style. The following is a sample title page to give you an idea of what it looks like and what it should contain.


A Simple APA Style Title Page for General Reference

Author of the Page

Names of any Co-Authors

Institution to which he or she is affiliated

That concluded the sample. Here are a few things you may have noticed and a few others you may need to keep in mind:

All of these are crucial to the completion of a title page in this style. There are other rules that you may need to follow to create a paper in this style but these can easily be learned by referring to the APA’s official guideline booklets or the website. Some institutions may require you to include a bit more or less information so it’s a good idea to check with whoever will be marking your research paper just in case. Take a look at complete samples that have been produced by exceptional students as well. These will help fill in any gaps in your knowledge of how the completed paper should look and what your paper might be missing. Above all, remember that a format is only a set of rules that need to be followed.