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Finalizing a term paper: correcting mistakes

Unless you are a whiz, writing a term paper is hard, tedious and grueling work. The term paper helps us to get a handle on our time management techniques, note-taking skills, and overall knowledge and understanding of a particular topic. But why is it so hard to grasp certain weak aspects in your writing? Why do you continually make the same mistakes over and over again?

Please do not panic; you are hardly alone. Some students go through school from beginning to end without learning the simple basics of writing. This seems ironic because the purpose of writing is to sharpen your writing skills. When you make the same mistakes in your writing repeatedly, you are not taking advantage of the benefits of growth and development. This essay will examine some of these common mistakes and how you can overcome them.

First, what are some of the mistakes student writers make?

  1. Failing to address the given assignment
  2. Providing a weak or generic thesis
  3. Conducting research improperly
  4. Failing to proofread work thoroughly

Here are some solutions:

For the term paper, the student’s responsibility is to discuss the topic with clarity and precision. Yet, some students never seem to understand the nature of the assignment. They veer off into unknown territory and never come back. Somewhere along the line, these particular students did not get the gist of the given assignment. If you are in this category, please do not make the same mistake repeatedly. Talk with your instructor after class or schedule an appointment. He or she would be happy to answer your questions… Remember that a strong thesis statement is necessary for the development of a noteworthy term paper. Not only that, but a strong thesis statement actually makes the subsequent research easier to do. Narrowing your search gives you the opportunity to locate facts quicker. Be precise and clear in your writing. The reader does not want to wander around in the murky mists for long… Please note that logical and orderly thoughts are appealing to the reader, whereas, haphazard or confusing thoughts are not. You simply must create logical conclusions based on your evidence, using quotations properly, and indicating to your audience that you have a firm grasp on the details… Finally, proofread your paper before turning it in. A few grammatical errors can drag your grade from a B to a C. Have a friend or loved one reread your paper the night before it is due. Four eyes are always better than two.