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Graduate Research Papers: Concluding Your Writing

The writing process is not an easy one to master and writing a research paper can be the most difficult of all. There are rules of organization and citation that have to be followed so that all of the work can be proven to be original. Original thought about a subject that is assigned or chosen is the purpose of a research paper. Coming up with your topic is the first step and then following the process from the beginning through its end can is what students should be learning. Graduate research papers are very different from the research papers that were completed in the undergraduate studies. Those papers were to fill someone else’s requirement. While a graduate paper is designed to prove the point that you are demonstrating your expertise in the subject area you are studying.

Concluding your Writing

The conclusion of your graduate research paper should be one of the easiest and most information filled portions of your paper. First it should have a restatement of your thesis statement showing that focus was maintained throughout the total of the paper. Secondly, there should be a summary of all the information that has been covered in the context of the research project. Finally the conclusion should specifically state the facts that support the thesis, displaying the authors obvious mastery of the subject at hand.

Graduate Writing

Remember that graduate writing should show a complete presentation of your work and the process by which all of your research was collected. This includes the writing style, the citations of others work and quotations and all of your own thoughts that support your thesis. Research writing is basically an apprenticeship at the graduate level where the student is displaying their talent and worthiness to be considered an expert in the field which they are studying.

The hope of concluding your graduate writing well is that ideas presented in the paper can be read, and discussed with other experts in your field of study. Having your peers evaluate your work and find it passable is one of the most important signs that your graduate writing is being done well.

The Graduate Education

It is all an educational process and the value of a graduate level research project is that a student will be able to become intimately familiar with a portion of the work that they will be studying for the foreseeable future. They also get an opportunity to change their field by asking important questions and answering them in an appropriate manner.