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Expert Advice On How To Write A Traffic Jam Problem Solution Essay

Traffic, we all know what it’s like and I think we can all agree that the person who solves this problem will be celebrated for years to come. There are many types of traffic however and it is important to consider them all, a solution that works in Europe may not necessarily have any use in another part of the world. Here are some tips that should help anyone when composing a problem solution essay on this topic.

  1. Explore all types of traffic.There are many different elements that causes this stressful driving occurrence. The topology and size of the roadways also play a huge part in the formation of traffic. Show how the government in different countries aid their struggling drivers. From muddy blaze-lines to pitch sand and asphalt, describe their features to show the different challenges they are faced with.

  2. List them in terms of commonality. In this section explain why are there some types of traffic that plagues one region, state or country, yet, happens rarely or is nonexistent in other places. Note how the people of the area is affected by these frequently seen roadway issues.

  3. Focus on the roadway construction. The governments of most countries are generally the organization responsible for placing and extending new roads into the uncharted within their borders. Compare the quality of roadworks that are being done solely by a third party contractor and the government system of another nation.

  4. Discuss long term solutions as well as short term. Here you can write on the problems that commuters are faced with in particular areas, for example, narrow streets which are common in Europe pose a problem when two vehicles are passing each other at a corner. Mirrors were put up at the junction to show drivers from all streets if the way is clear and by doing this, the number of minor accidents has decreased.

  5. Investigate how the flow of traffic affects the daily lives of different people. Some people have no choice but to leave home three to four hours before their work starts just to make it in time. Others have the luxury of a railway system only to compete with many others who use this method of transportation. Car owners also compete on freeways when they trying to overtake slower drivers and catch green lights. In the city streets they grab at parking spaces and other conveniences. Explain how these people are affected by roadway conditions.