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The Asian American Dream

The Asian American Dream is a literacy work that is done focusing on the lifestyle of the Asian people in a foreign land. It focusses on a comparison of the two states, India and America. The book focusses on the storyline of a character by the Chaudhary, who is decides to travel with her husband to Massachusetts in America. She moves with her husband who had got a formal job in the state and with the excitement of Chaudhary about this famous cool and great city; she decides to follow her husband in America.

There are so many things and instances that depict the difference in terms of living standards and styles that arose from the book. These are totally different states with different people and cultures. Chaudhary gets excited when she notices the nice and warm welcome at the airport. To her this was a show of the hospitable nature of the American people with an integrated environment. She could enjoy the cool air and less noise and disturbances as compared to the state of their former home, Mumbai. The good and magnificent apartment together with the ice that she had never experienced in her home country, made life in America very attractive and enjoyable.

However, apart from the good pleasurable moments that she could enjoy, often she could feel a sense of separation from her family and the culture at home. The America environment could not offer these two experiences. She lacked the family ties that held them together especially during ceremonies and light festivals. The ceremonies can no longer be enjoyed as it used happen in India. Consequently, families could come together and celebrate the festival. In contrast, there is a family no family in America and this is a big blow to the festival.

More so, culture is a big issue. The culture of the American people does not match whatsoever the culture of the Indian. The major reason Chaudhry decides to make a reverse migration to her motherland was to bring up her children in a culture that was right for her. She did not want her daughter to be contaminated with the culture of the Americans. Currently, it is a growing trend that is happening with people relocating back to their home countries because of several other reasons. The sluggish America economy is one of the reasons people opt to get back to their countries where opportunities have been revamped and establish themselves than staying in a foreign country with limited chances of growth and development.

She finally comes back home and realizes that the friends she left around are performing better in terms of financial security than herself. With the imported culture; clothing, food and character, she feels like an alien to her motherland. She realizes that life in America is no better the one in India, a small difference which in insignificant when all factors are considered.