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Taking care of the term paper research section

When working on a term paper, the research section is the hardest and most important part. When you want to write that perfect paper, though, you need to do sound research. Following are a few tips to help you complete the research portion of a term paper. Write all of your research down on flash cards or place them on different pages in a folder to be easily accessed.

Organize your thoughts and points

Once you have your thesis statement, write out the points that you think will help support your statement. For example, if you say that General Motors was ruined because of unions, you should list at least one point that you know of to be true, like the fact that unions allow people in them to work shorter hours in certain factories for the same pay that they would for full hours. Write down all of the points you know you can easily research.

Look for information online

Once you have listed your points, look up more online. You can simply search for your thesis statement and write down any points that you think will help support your claim. Don't write down points you have already listed, though, to save yourself time.

Find facts

After you've listed out your points, find at least two sources per point to support your claims. Write them all down, as well, and cite them properly per the format you're using. This will help you when you go to write your references or works cited pages.

Put everything in order

Whatever you've chosen to write your research findings on (paper, flash cards, a computer) you need to organize them in order for which you wish to present them. For example, you may want point three to be the first point you make after you've done the research to find supporting facts. List it as number one so that you can wrote your paper properly.

Completing the research portion of a term paper will be the most important part of writing the paper. If your research is flawed, your paper will be flawed, as well. You need to complete your research quickly so that you can have time to write your paper, but you also need to make sure the research you are doing is what you need. Organizing your thoughts, listing them in order, and doing research point-by-point will help you keep everything in order and right at your fingertips so that you can write a well-rounded and researched paper.