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Composing an Awesome Organizational Profile Essay

A profile essay is intended to cover the key points and information about an organization. Depending on the writing prompt, students may also need to write about complex ideas and abstract information. The student must evaluate their subject and do their best to portray the organization for the reader.

Choosing a Topic

The first goal of writing an organizational profile essay is to pick a topic. Students should consider the types of topics that their teacher expects in class. The professor will often list the requirements in the writing prompt, so students can use this to guide their topic selection.

Avoid Lists

Although some bullet point lists can be a good thing, students should avoid doing it too much. Listing off attributes tends to be boring for the reader. Ideally, the student should be as creative as possible. They will want to make their writing sound like a narrative and make it tell a story. By being creative and telling the profile like a story, students can make their essay interesting to read.

Use an Outline

One of the best ways to prevent writers' block is to use an outline. With an outline, the student has a clear idea about what they plan on accomplishing in their writing. Instead of struggling to think of the next topic sentence, they will already have a road map of what will come next.

When initially creating the outline, the student should begin by creating the thesis statement and the introduction. Afterward, they should break down the essay paragraph by paragraph. They should write out the topic for each paragraph and jot down any of the information that they plan on including.

Ask for Examples

Most professors have a set time for office hours every week. During this time ,students can visit the professor to ask for help with writing their paper or for examples. Students should read through several examples before they begin writing. By reading through examples, students can develop a clear idea of the writing style and research that they will be expected to use in their assignment.

Edit Thoroughly

Like any term paper, an organizational profile essay needs to be edited before it is submitted. If there are too many spelling errors, it will distract the reader from the idea of the text. In addition, the professor will grade the student lower if mistakes remain in the student's writing. To edit the paper, students can use the help of a friend, their professor or editing software programs.