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Students' rumors: is writing a research paper in a day possible?

In any educational situation there are going to be a whole lot of rumors that get started for whatever reason. Generally it is not a good idea to listen to any rumor whatsoever because they will cause you to believe things that simply aren’t true. One of the most persistent rumors among students is that it is possible to write a research paper in one single day. Well, just like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness monster this is one thing that you will never see. Or better still, it could be done but the grade that paper will earn is going to be quite low. To effectively write a research paper for a normal student is going to take days because the research process itself is lengthy and difficult to learn. There is one way that a student can get a paper written in one day but it is expensive and it doesn’t involve them writing.

The only solution to getting a paper written in one day is to hire a great writing agency to help get the work done within the time frame that is being handed out. If a student isn’t going to do their own work then they should have hired a company sooner because the further in advance a deadline for work is given the lower the cost. Obviously if there is going to be a short deadline, getting it done well and quickly is going to cost more. What choice do you have but to pay the price they ask? None because it is either pay that or fail. The price is going to be much higher so the student needs to have a lot of money they are willing to spend or the plan will fail. Since most great companies guarantee their work, deadlines and originality there might be some that are going to not accept a one day deadline. The one that will accept you might be a little suspect but as you wait to the end to act. Your options are going to be significantly limited.

Writing the paper yourself is going to be next to impossible unless a student can find a free paper online and then rewrite it in their own words but that will be difficult to do since there is a lot of plagiarism software out there that will be able to tell if the work is original or not.