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A step-by-step guide for those who write a research paper


The first step to writing a great research paper is first performing a good research. You can find a lot of information on the internet, libraries, books and other sources like academic databases. So, begin by first performing a deep research on the topic of your choice. Keep in mind that you should already know what topic it is you want to write about. Once you have relevant information, you are sure that they will offer you valuable assistance in creating great points out of the researched material. Write down short notes as you conduct your research.


Once you have set a strong foundation for yourself as regards research and other resources, you can then begin working on the paper. You have jotted down your thoughts in short and precise points so go ahead and write them clearly whilst analyzing the prevalent points in your research paper. For every point you write down, make sure that it’s backed with some evidence. Find the weaknesses and strengths of your logic and correct where necessary. Mastering the whole process of research writing starts with first analyzing other people’s works in a bid to comprehend how they tackled and discussed their whole problem.


Brainstorm is another step in the way of writing a great research paper. Brainstorming is basically going over your thoughts over and over again to get the whole picture of how your research will turn out to be at the end. Insert your thoughts carefully, where necessary whilst doing it with great research writing brilliance. How can you do this? The answer is writing down some questions and trying to answer them. Do the meditation with both a paper and pen so that you are able to write any important points. Take a walk after a long meditation and try to think about what more ways or points you will need to generate an interesting analysis of the research paper. The insights that you will end up bringing into your research paper must be yours and yours alone to avoid being a victim of plagiarism.

Create an outline

Once you have done all the above, select only the best ideas out of the ones that you laid down. Do this assertively while writing down the most crucial and relevant points first. Make this one the backbone of your research paper. Ultimately, helping the reader, be it your instructor or anyone else, make sure he/she will be able to follow through all the ideas and thoughts that you managed to bring out in your research paper.