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What An Argumentative Research Paper Is: Guidelines for Students

A research paper is a writing that perfectly combines the author’s thoughts with support from valid databases. This support can be stories, quotes, statistics, analysis, graphs, or any item that supports. An argumentative research paper will argue a side and then give support to bolster the side the author takes. There are three steps that make up the process of preparing to write the paper. Those steps are: picking the topic, taking a side, and finding research.

Picking the Topic

Pick a topic that appeals to you. Use one of the many sites online to come up with argumentative ideas. Make sure the topic is suitable for the classroom. Consider picking an unusual topic that your audience may not have heard from before in the classroom. Some good ideas are:

Taking a Side

After you pick a topic consider taking the side that is unexpected. You may be surprised at the information you can discover. If you take an unusual view on a topic, you may surprise and convince many people. An unexpected and unusual paper is always a delight to read or to hear.


Your paper and your argument will be only as good as your research is. Make sure to put a lot off effort into your research. Use enough support to prove your point. Make sure about half of the paper is composed of your thoughts. Use academic sources that have been posted by valid and credible people. You must always remember to cite your sources properly.

When your teacher assigns your argumentative research paper make sure to get all the instructions and the due dates. Go for extra help and make sure to do all the tasks. Then pick a topic you love, take a side on the topic (pro or con on the topic), and then find credible and strong support for your research paper argument. Following these three steps will result in a stronger argumentative research paper.